NSX Network and Security tab won’t show up in vSphere Web Client

I spent the better part of 3 days trying to figure out why the Network and Security tab would not show up in my vSphere Web Client. I was running VCSA 6.0 Update 2 with NSX 6.2.4 and according to the VMware Product Interoperability Matrixes I shouldn’t have had any problems:

I had followed the install guide step by step, restarted my VCSA appliance and my NSX appliance dozens of times. I made sure the NTP settings were perfectly synced and both my lookup URL and vCenter connections were showing green:


I then proceeded to login as the account I used to connect NSX to vCenter as recommended, so that you could give other users permissions…still nothing. So I did what any good engineer does, I googled the hell out of it. I found a few links but none of them seemed to have the same issue I had and there wasn’t a viable solution.

I then came across the following KB article: KB2126701

Towards the bottom it talks about a workaround, specifically:

  1. Log in to VCVA as root.
  2. Navigate to the NSX plug-in download section described in the Log Location section.
  3. Remove com.vmware.vshield.*.
  4. Remove com.vmware.ciscom.vmware.vShieldManager.zip under /etc/vmware/vsphere-client/cmCatalog/.
  5. Restart the Web client UI and log in.

Now I hadn’t ran any logs at the time, so I skipped 3 and moved right onto 4 and 5:


After the vSphere Web Client came back online I logged in again as the account that was used to pair NSX with vCenter and voila!


Now I would love to say, “the reason deleting the vShieldManager.zip worked was because…”, but in all reality I have no clue why it worked. Perhaps the original .zip was corrupt or had an MD5 mismatch and deleting it allowed NSX to rebuild the .zip. Perhaps someone  will be able to leave the answer in the comments. I just wanted to create this post to document what worked for me, because I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out what was wrong. Hopefully it helps someone else. Now onto more lab fun!

2 thoughts on “NSX Network and Security tab won’t show up in vSphere Web Client

  1. I have seen this happen on two occasions and both were as a result of DNS and NTP not being synchronized prior to the vCenter Registration on the NSX Manager.

    It was resolved by clearing the config in the NSX Manager and clearing the plugin registered in the vCenter MOB. I fixed my DNS issues, verified NTP across everything (vCenter, PSC, ESXi and NSX Manager) and then proceeded through the registration between NSX and vCenter a 2nd time. No issues after that.

    1. I would power down my entire lab, bring up AD, bring up VCSA and then bring up NSX Manager, same result. Didn’t talk about all the other troubleshooting, but I unlinked both the URL and vCenter then relinked, I made sure NTP was perfect, added host entries just to be safe, etc. I went to https://vc-ip/mob/?moid=ExtensionManager to find com.vmware.vshieldmanager and it wasn’t in the list so that was a dead end. Funny that the KB talks about going to https://vc-ip/mob/?moid=ExtensionManager and then what to do when you see the extension, but not what to do if you don’t see the extension!

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